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Ciao! Welcome to Just Love Italy website.

Italy has become the country that  I love the most after my home country Venezuela. Since I was very young, I have been surrounded by Italian descendants, especially at school.  It was very easy to have friends and know people that were half Italians, and of course be familiar with the Italian culture, food, we even move our hands when we speak, and who doesn’t like pizza or pasta?


My Love for Italy wasn’t love at first sight.    My first trip to Italy was in 1999 and I was captivated.  I visited Rome, Florence and Venice. However, years later, I met the love of my life, l’amore della mia vita, a half italian handsome man… and after visiting Italy with him, the magic happened, … I fell in love with Italy.

Seven years ago, we have the opportunity to live in England for five and a half years and we went to visit the Italian Family and I revisited the cities with my family that I already knew. Then we started visiting new cities, new places, beaches, churches, small towns, villas, etc. We visited our family during summer, fall, winter, and spring. We even went to our cousin’s wedding. And in each of those trips, we enjoyed every single day, every single place, every single meal, its people, its culture, everything!

Today, my husband says that I am more Italian than him. What he means is that I really love Italy and everything that comes with it.



When I started planing our trips to Italy, I realized that I really enjoyed looking for information. I could be hours and hours learning about places that we can visit, where to stay, where to eat, what places to visit, what was the best itinerary to get the most of our trip and yet be enjoyable for the four of us, me, my husband and our two children. I started sharing what I have learned from our trips with my friends and co-workers and they were happy with my tips and recommendations.

After moving back to USA, I started to miss my trip planning to Italy.  I keep saving IG posts of places in Italy that I would like to visit someday.  some of my friends still call me for recommendations, So I decided to start a blog about what I already know about trips to Italy and what I’m learning for my future trips to Italy.


In this blog you will find information about Italy: Its culture, cuisine, history, places to visit, beaches, fashion and art, and its priceless ancient monuments from a non-Italian perspective but with passion for Italy.




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